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Hello – and a very warm welcome to The Monat-Dixon Line … a new website for the occasional off-beat thoughts, comments, sounds and images created by two writer-producer-performers whose professional work together has taken them to three different continents in more than fifty years of constant production for the theatre, radio, television, film and the simple, printed word. We’re Donald Monat & June Dixon.

UPDATE – November 2016

The Very English Lady

The Very English Lady

It’s been a long while since our last update and podcast due to our moving our home in California and the pressure of work, but here’s some news that you might find interesting. June has just had her first solo novel published and we thought that our friends and other visitors to this site might like to know about it. It’s called The Very English Lady and is a quite unusual story. Here’s a brief synopsis …

Laura Mitchell is an English-born widow now living in an upscale Los Angeles condominium complex. Early one morning, her quiet, uneventful life is shattered when she comes upon a man’s naked body in the swimming pool – eerily echoing her discovery, a year earlier, of her husband’s body in the same pool. John Mitchell had suffered a massive heart attack while swimming. A police officer is asking a lot of strange questions. Even stranger, Dave—a neighbor who had been a friend of John’s but who she hardly knew—is suddenly very friendly to her, and wants to buy her late husband’s laptop computer, ostensibly as a gift to a nephew. Why? … What is happening?

Both a “page-turner” mystery and a surprising romance, Laura’s quest to discover the truth takes her on a strange journey, both in her emotions as she remembers the past, and in reality as she determines to trace John’s business activities. In her search for the real John Mitchell, she rediscovers herself … her long-suppressed talents and desires … and the promise of a new and more fulfilling future.

The Very English Lady is available from Amazon.com and many other on-line sites in three editions, paperback, hardback and as an inexpensive Kindle e-book. A good source of print editions for people living in the UK or South Africa would be Book Depository who are based in England and will deliver free of charge to SA and worldwide..

Something Different

From time to time we hope to be posting video of some of our work in films and TV, and here’s a link to a special, musical production of O.Henry’s classic short story The Gift Of The Magi. that we wrote & produced for television in South Africa in 1981 and runs about 47 minutes. We came across this in our collection just too late to get it up for Christmas. It was on an old tape cassette and converted to the US  NTSC system from the PAL original so the video quality is not what we would wish. But we hope you’ll enjoy it for the delightful performances of all the cast.

Our Podcast

Here, you can listen to our podcast which includes contemporary comment and samples of many aspects of our work including satirical comedy sketches … original songs from musical shows we helped to create … and excerpts from some of our radio & television programs that we hope you’ll enjoy.

titanicFor instance, the recent re-release of the movie ‘Titanic’ reminded us of a little, light-hearted piece we recorded a few years ago for an audio book called English … As She Is Spoke! In it, we speculated on what might have happened if there had been a PR person on board with access to a microphone and a ship-wide, public address system.

If you’d like to hear it, just click on the lifebelt icon below to get the Titanic piece … or, even better, just click on the Podcast cover for the whole of our first podcast where you’ll find it included. Our podcasts will usually have a running time of about 15 to 20 minutes.


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