About Us

We were both born in England and started our professional careers as actors, working mainly in the theatre … and that’s how we first met. By a happy chance, we found ourselves playing the husband and wife leads in a London revival of J.B. Priestley’s compelling drama, Dangerous Corner. We liked the idea so much that pretty soon we were married and starting to raise our family, which now extends to 5 children and 7 grandchildren – all grown up.

Over the years, we have worked extensively as actors, writers, producers & directors in radio & television for the BBC & ITV in London, the CBC in Vancouver and the SABC in Cape Town & Johannesburg. We have made several films, more than a thousand radio programs, two TV series, 11 musical revues for the live theatre and, for many years, we have also specialized in video and multimedia productions for major international, corporate clients.

Here are a few pictures from our early days which have survived our various moves around the world – and we hope to be showing some more soon …


On set with Five Guineas A Week – our first musical film produced in London in the mid-fifties. It was made in color and wide-screen on a tiny budget featuring a group of highly talented, young artists – including Georgia Brown, who would go on to star in the original West End production of Oliver.


The ABC Show was our first, long-running radio show which went on to four complete series. Each week we would feature a different letter of the alphabet with satirical sketches on different subjects that began with the selected letter, and guest stars whose names started similarly.


This was a shot from Party Lines – an intimate revue presented at the Broadway Theatre in Cape Town in 1962.


A publicity picture for the cover of the SABC Bulletin to promote the return of our crazy comedy show Dr. Livingstone – I Presume? This was for the second series in the late 60s, followed by a sequel series, Son Of Livingstone.