English as She is Spoke

English as She is Spoke

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English … As She Is Spoke! takes a highly entertaining look at the many strange ways our language is used and abused around the world – the confusions and distortions induced by jargon, the different meanings that the same words may have for people of different national backgrounds, the origins of the language and how it has developed through the centuries, and the opportunities for enhancing your pleasures in life through a new appreciation of the power of words.

This unique presentation is not a conventional lecture. Drawing on their international experience and highly acclaimed writing and performing talents, June and Donald create  an intriguing environment in a series of discussions and satirical vignettes which dramatize with wit, humor and provocative insight the delightful vagaries of the Mother Tongue.

Some Tributes From Press & Public:

  • “One of the year’s best and brightest” – Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Delightfully amusing, colorful & informative … very entertaining” – Billboard magazine
  • 4½ Stars rating from the customers at Amazon.com website
  • Nominated for the Audie Awards – Best Original Work

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