Episode 15

This episode features some hysterical examples of strangulated English in foreign hotels and other businesses … the challenges of teaching the 3 Rs in a new, ultra-liberal school … a big, production number from the musical “The Game’s Afoot” … and a splendid melodrama of a Wicked Squire and a Merry Milkmaid.

Episode 14

The latest episode of our podcast brings you another original radio play from our series ‘Comedy International’.This one stars Virginia McKenna & Rex Garner as a short-sighted young lady and an optometrist in a very tight situation!

Episode 13

This edition features some thoughts on how a British duke, famous for his stately home, might work out as the manager of his country’s touring cricket team … a 2-part song from our first musical comedy for television … and a stirring saga of the French Foreign Legion with a delightfully reluctant hero.

You can find lyrics on the Song Lyrics page.


Episode 12

A new episode that features a different look at the first apple salesman …. a song for a right-wing US senator and his daughter on a mission to Latin America … a fragment from a recently discovered Elizabethan play that might be the work of Master Will Shakespeare … and a splendidly sinister story of family life as it might have been seen in the macabre mind of cartoonist Charles Addams.

You can find lyrics on the Song Lyrics page.


Episode 11

This episode, like #6, contains a complete radio play from our series ‘Comedy International’. It stars the distinguished British actor, Leslie Philips, as a reluctant spy in the crazy world of the 1970s.

Episode 10

This episode features the challenges of big-city traffic problems and the people who cause them … a song for a civil service stripper … and a mysterious detective story that may hound your dreams.

You can find lyrics to the song featured in this episode on our new Song Lyrics page.

Episode 9

A new episode with some offbeat thoughts on the rewards of yachting, a musical tribute to the charms and talents of showgirls, and the adventures of a passionate follower of the legendary Lady Chatterley.

You can find lyrics to the songs featured in this episode on our new Song Lyrics page.

Episode 8

This episode features some thoughts on the selling of men’s wear that might just suit your needs, a lively song for two traveling detectives, and the revelations of a veterinary psychiatrist.

Episode 7

This episode celebrates the New Year of 2014 with a remembrance of what we were doing 50 years ago in satirical comedy, and also features a great song of the time that has become a classic ballad.

Episode 6

This episode features an original comedy starring Sidney James as a government clerk who daydreams of becoming a rich and famous computer genius.