Episode 5

This new edition features some advice for a local politician desperately seeking publicity … a ballad for a ballerina with a height problem … and a surprising saga of Elizabethan showbiz.

Episode 4

This episode features highlights from two of our radio comedy shows, including a recreational drug-user’s creative path to redemption … a celebratory song from a lady who knows just what to do on a Roman holiday … and three brief, satirical sketches spoofing some famous movie classics.

Episode 3

The third episode of the offbeat podcast from the Monat-Dixon Line. This one includes a couple of suggestions for spicing up senior citizens’ travel plans …some thoughts on how a UN committee might rewrite the Declaration of Independence … and a sardonic song for a trio of young gang members from the fabulous fifties.

Episode 2

Episode two of the podcast from the Monat-Dixon Line. This one features a chaotic interview with an ageing expert on healthy living … some thoughts on the frustrations of telephone answering systems … the Queen of Egypt’s love-life … and a cheerful marching song for unhappy policemen!

Episode 1

The first episode of a new podcast introduces two, British-born writers and performers with a unique blend of satirical comedy and unusual songs in a wide-ranging, audio entertainment.

This one  features a different kind of Antiques Road Show … a song from a lady with an affinity for accidents …  how a PR person can put a positive spin on a major disaster … and a final few  minutes with an unusual Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson!