Song Lyrics

This is the place where you can find the lyrics to some of the songs we have featured in various episodes of our podcast.

Featured in episode #13…

From the musical “The Straker Special”
(Lyrics by Donald Monat & Music by Basil Tait)


Mother taught me all about the birds and bees,
Pointed out their reproductive habits …
At the tender age of eight
I knew that even storks must mate,
And later on – I kept a pair of rabbits!
I rapidly determined that if gentlemen should call,
That I would keep my balance where the others tend to fall
No subtle invitation from the gentry
Could turn my head, however complimentary ….

Some girls are open to flattery,
I get my spark from a battery,
No time for love or romantic play …
Call me a girl with a mission,
This is my only ambition,
Is it so strange I like it that way?

Oh, you can smile and shake your head in a rare good humor.
Don’t offer me sympathy …
Or grin like a chimpanzee!
This thing called love, I’ve heard it said, is only a rumor …
Whatever it’s got to be,
I know that it’s not for me …

I’ve read good books on psychology,
I know the facts of biology,
Maybe it’s true sex is here to stay…
Who cares if Cupid is jumping –
My heart is strictly for pumping …
And furthermore, I like it that way!


Singing in a night-club,
Work till nearly three,
Never get to bed till after four …
Getting up at lunch-time
Suits me to a ‘T’,
That’s the life for me – and furthermore …

Some men are born to serious,
I find this mildly mysterious,
I’ll take my pleasures from day to day …
Give me the glow of the night-time
For me, the night is the right time,
Is it so strange I like it that way? …

The sound of music and the tinkle of empty glasses,
The rhythm of dancing feet,
That tingle as glances meet …
The glow of candlelight that fades as the evening passes …
It’s always a sight to see…
I know that it’s right – for me …

Hostesses strikingly feminine,
Gin, with a small slice of lemon in.
This kind of thing leads a man astray …
For any hopeful musician,
Call this the road to perdition.
Nevertheless, I like it that way …
I must confess – I like it that way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Featured in episode #12…


We gave the world the vacuum cleaner,
The roaster wiener, and semolina,
The Mississippi,
And the long-haired hippie smoking pot!
It’s part of the American way of life,
And that’s the way of life we’ve got!

We gave the world our women’s meeting,
Our central heating,
Our over-eating,
The instant marriage,
And the mental cruelty divorce!
It’s part of the American way of life,
And we all live that way, of course!

We survive the age of anxiety,
Keeping our ear to the ground …
We support the John Birch Society.
We don’t let foreigners push us around!

We gave the world vanilla ices,
Our national vices.
The Cuban crisis,
Atomic missiles  … and the thermonuclear device!
They’re part of the American way of life,
And we’ll defend it at any price!

We export our dollar democracy
Keeping the Reds in their place …
Foreign aid is raving hypocrisy
Unless the foreigners give us a base!

We gave the world our constitution,
And air-pollution.
The contributions that we make are really here to stay …
They’re part of the American way of life
From the good … old … U… S… A !

                                                                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Featured in episode #10…


I was voted Beauty Queen of the typing-pool,
When my buff-form set the boys in a whirl …
And a beauty gets her perks
At the Ministry of Works,
I’m the Public Service Pin-Up Girl!
I got transferred to Accounts at Inland Revenue,
Where my figure-work would make your hair curl …
In my skin-tight, slinky slacks,
I get rebates on my tax,
I’m the Public Service Pin-Up Girl!

I’m the flame of every Civil Service section,
At Escom, they’re all keen to light my lamps …
I’m the Telephone department’s new connection …
And on Saturday night, the Postmaster General
Licks all my stamps!

I’m not the really strong or athletic type,
But, at indoor games, I give it a whirl …
So they asked me to report
To the Ministry of Sport,
I’m the Public Service Pin-Up Girl!

In the law-courts I can turn on each attorney,
The Police Force forced me into Vorster Square …
For the Railways, I got shunted to Kazerne.
At the S.A.B.C. I’m the Governors’ favorite Current Affair!

As a beauty queen I rank as aristocracy,
Though I never met a baron or an earl …
But you’re sure to get a date
When you’re stripping for the state,
I’m the Public service Pin-Up Girl …
I’m the popsie of Pretoria, wrapped up in red tape –
I’m the Public Service Pin … Up … Girl!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Here are the two from episode #9…

(Lyrics by Donald Monat – Music by Adolfo Waitzman)

Beautiful girls …
Fabulous figures …
Bringing to life all those
Glorious “Gold-Diggers”
This is a tribute of praise
To those marvelous, mythical,
Magical, musical days!

Elegant style…
Perfect precision…
Flashing the smile
Of an old, and yet new vision,
Seen through the glamorous haze
Of those marvelous, mythical,
Magical, musical days!

A panorama of beauty and grace,
Where talent and charm are displayed …
This is the moment, the time and the place
To see glorious girls on parade …

Girls to adore…
Delicate dances…
Then, even more,
As the thrill of the romance is
Setting the screen all ablaze …
With those marvelous, mythical,
Magical, musical days …
Marvelous, mythical, magical musical days!


(Lyrics by Donald Monat – Music by Adolfo Waitzman)

If clouds are all grey,
When life goes astray,
And everything just seems to flop…
To shake off the blues,
Just put on your shoes.
And tap your way – your way to the top!

Your lover has gone,
You can’t carry on,
Your world is coming to a stop!
Get out of that seat,
Stand up on your feet,
And tap your way – your way to the top!

Imagine when you find you’re feeling upset
And your nerves are snapping,
There’s nothing like the feeling you get
When your toes are tapping!

This is the way
To brighten your day,
Just keep on dancing till you drop!
When troubles appear,
Just take it from here,
And tap your way to the top of the world …
Tap … Tap … Tap your way to the top!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *